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Self Esteem Building

Outdoor Education Trips for your students!

One to four day trips are available for middle and high school groups. Single day hiking, picnic trips are available for elementary students. Trips can include: day hiking, backpacking with or without pack horses, fishing, canoeing/kayaking, cross country/downhill skiing, or snowshoeing.
(backpacking overnight trips are limited to 10 students due to gear constraints)


Educational/Literacy Components
Each trip will have a unique educational theme. Educational themes may include: Native Plant Identification, The Riparian Ecosystem, Knots for Horse Packing. Themes can be tailored to the interests and needs of your students. Trip participants' writing about their outdoor experiences will be published as an article in a local newspaper.


Nuts and Bolts
Trip fees are based on a consulting fee of $400 per day plus expenses which can include mileage for Nanise vehicles, reimbursement for backpacking food costs, and others depending on the type of trip booked. Student participants are outfitted with Nanise daypacks, backpacks and camping gear as necessary. Students provide their own clothing and fishing gear. Schools provide transportation for students to and from the activity location. Mr. Omar Qureshi of Nanise Outdoor Adventures will come to your school and meet with students and parents before the trip to discuss preparations and answer any questions. A follow up visit with student participants to work on writing process is also included in the basic fee. One teacher sponsor per ten students from your school will work with Nanise staff to organize and chaperone the trip. Additional Nanise provided sponsors can be arranged for $250 per sponsor per day.

Trout Catching

Experience Counts!
Mr. Qureshi began an Outdoor Adventure Club at Alamo Navajo School in 1994 with an IHS grant. For sixteen years he has led groups of high school and middle school students several times a year on wilderness backpack trips, lake canoeing/fishing trips, and cross country and downhill ski trips in New Mexico, Arizona, Oregon and Mexico.

Wilderness Camping

Nanise Outdoor trips can help turn around your at-risk students!

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