Nanise Native Plants and Education's Mission Statement

Nanise will provide quality landscaping services in the Magdalena and Socorro areas, developing individualized, productive and long lasting relationships with clients. We will respect our fragile desert environment by using and promoting water conserving and chemical/pesticide free gardening practices.

At Nanise, we pride ourselves on several important factors when handling your landscape needs.

First, we consider water use. Conserving water is a guiding principal in all our landscape designs. We live in a desert environment, so water is precious. Drip irrigation saves water by supplying it directly to the root zones of plants. We try to harvest run off water whenever possible, reducing watering needs of strategically placed plants. Many Native Plants need watered initially to get established, but can later do fine on the limited rainfall provided by our desert climates.

Second, Nanise believes in keeping the landscape in harmony with the Earth. We use organic soil amendments and fertilizers in out landscapes. We practice organic and biological pest control when necessary. When herbicides are required, we use the most environmentally friendly options available.

Third we pride ourselves on doing thoughtful planning. We consider micro climates and soil types, installing plants in places where they can thrive. This allows Nanise to offer a one year plant replacement guarantee on plants we install and put on drip irrigation.

Our experienced and dedicated staff works one on one with each individual clients to ensure that they receive exactly the services that they expected and enable them to build productive and long lasting relationships with our company.

For more information about our company, please contact us by phone at (575) 854-2945 or by emailing us.